O maior estádio do mundo…

Matéria interessante sobre o estádio que os nazistas pretendiam construir perto de Nuremberg… Claro que nem se compara aos que um certo país da América do Sul pretende fazer para certos grandes eventos… ao menos nos custos…

10/18/2012 05:44 PM

Hitler’s Secret Grandstand – The Nazi Plan to Build World’s Biggest Stadium

By Katja Sebald

Seventy-five years ago, Adolf Hitler laid the cornerstone in Nuremberg for what was meant to be the world’s biggest stadium. It was never completed, but a gigantic test grandstand was erected on a Bavarian hillside 40 kilometers away, just to test the acoustics and sight lines. Its concrete remains convey Hitler’s crazed megalomania.

It must have been a glorious day for the tiny village of Achtel, in Hirschbachtal, not far from the southern German city of Nuremberg. Adolf Hitler himself had bestowed the honor of his presence along with his architect Albert Speer and several top Nazi party officials. Photographers couldn’t get enough of what they thought would become a magnificent moment in history. The high-ranking delegation had come to inspect a massive construction site on a local hill — one that had begun taking shape in recent months — and which seemed radically out of place.

Small and disoriented, that is how visitors were supposed to feel in the presence of the edifice being built. Hitler himself referred to it as “words of stone,” which, he added, were to be stronger than anything that could ever be spoken. Continuar lendo