Os EUA, a Rússia, e a questão dos mísseis…

Mais uma excelente análise de Fyodor Lukyanov sobre as relações EUA-Rússia em um campo tremendamente sensível. A China também deve ser considerada nesse jogo (acho que um certo Kissinger já teria dito isso!).

Recomendo, em especial a meus alunos de Relações Internacionais…

RIA Novosti

Uncertain World: The never-ending missile defense debate

12:27 01/12/2011

Missile defense continues to concern the Russian leadership. Having made tough statements on this issue in Moscow last week, President Dmitry Medvedev again spoke about it in Kaliningrad. While many analysts in Russia and the West wrote off these statements as campaign rhetoric, the problem remains. Missile defense isn’t going anywhere. This is not a short-term problem that lends itself to an easy deal; it is a fundamental issue of global strategic stability, which to this day is rooted in the logic of mutual assured destruction. Continuar lendo