Natal à moda russa…

_44338948_frost_afp_416Muito bem! Direto das terras eslavas, notícia sobre como as forças de segurança russas estão celebrando o Natal Ortodoxo! Fizeram bem. Gosto dessa maneira russa de lidar com ameaças à segurança da sociedade. Não gosto de terroristas. Gosto de Putin, Putin é KGB…

Russia kills militants suspected of Christmas attack plan

Reuters. 06JAN2013 – 5:28pm EST

MOSCOW (Reuters) – Russian security forces in a restive North Caucasus province on Sunday killed three militants suspected of planning attacks on church services during the Russian Orthodox Christmas holiday, authorities said.

Security forces tried to stop a van in the Kabardino-Balkaria province on Sunday but its occupants opened fire and were killed in the ensuing battle, during which the vehicle caught fire, the National Anti-Terrorism Committee said in a statement.
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