Os soviéticos na Berlim do Pós-Guerra

Para os que gostam de História da Guerra Fria, segue artigo muito interessante da Der Spiegel sobre a atuação soviética na capital alemã do imediato pós-guerra. Recomendo!

Soviet Police Checking Germans Entering US Sector

Der Spiegel Online – 12/05/2012 06:10 PM

Before the Wall: The Soviet Fight for Postwar Berlin

Although Berlin was split into four sectors in 1945, the Soviets were determined to see a unified city under their control. Their tactics for undermining the other occupying powers ranged from seductive to brutal, and a desperate blockade backfired into a 40-year divide.

Editor’s Note: Berlin is currently celebrating its 775th anniversary. In the coming days, SPIEGEL ONLINE International will be publishing a series of stories on the history of Germany’s capital. This is the fifth part of the series. The first, second, third and fourth parts can be read here. Continuar lendo