Eleições na Venezuela

Com as eleições se aproximando (falo da Venezuela, não do Brasil), segue uma excelente análise de meu amigo Michael Harvey sobre Chavezlândia… Michael conhece bem aquele país (e a Colômbia, e o nosso…). Recomendo leitura atenta.

Michael Harvey: ‘Democracy,’ Venezuelan-style

Michael Harvey, Special to National Post | Oct 4, 2012 2:33 PM ET | Last Updated: Oct 4, 2012 3:11 PM ET More from Special to National Post

LUIS ACOSTA/AFP/Getty ImagesVenezuelan President Hugo Chavez dances during a campaign rally for his reelection in Valencia, Carabobo state, Venezuela on Wednesday.

The government of Canada’s Americas Strategy rests on the pillars of security, prosperity and democratic governance. Venezuelans will go to the polls on Sunday in elections that will challenge all three.

Hugo Chavez has been in power for 13 years. It is tragic that Venezuela has completely wasted the great China-driven natural resources boom that has helped millions of Brazilians, Colombians, Peruvians and other Latin Americans to escape poverty and join the middle classes. This oil and mineral-rich country is poorer, more dependent and more corrupt than it was when he arrived. Venezuela is now the most violent country in South America. Canadian investors have rightly stayed away, but have a great deal to offer should Venezuela take the path of progress. Continuar lendo