Putin e o Ocidente

Há tempos não publicava aqui as análises de Lukyanov, sempre muito interessantes. Talvez seja precipitado falar em uma “nova Guerra Fria” entre a Rússia e os EUA. Porém, é importante estar atento aos próximos movimentos de Putin/Medvedev com vistas a aumentar o poder (influência) russo no globo.

Uncertain World: Putin and Washington: Is Conflict Inevitable?

18:27 10/05/2012

Vladimir Putin, who was inaugurated as president of Russia on May 7, has instructed the Foreign Ministry to ensure compliance with the New START Treaty, focusing on the issue of ballistic missile defense. The meaning of the gesture is clear. Relations with the United States remain at the forefront and at the core of these relations is the issue of ballistic missile defense, a situation that is unlikely to change.

Putin created a stir by announcing that he would not be attending the G8 summit at Camp David next week but would be sending Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev to represent Russia instead. This decision is highly significant, especially considering that one of the reasons for moving the meeting from Chicago, where a NATO summit is due to be held after the G8 meeting, is the unwillingness of both sides to start their interaction off with a conflict. Continuar lendo