Somália: quem liga?

Enquanto o mundo chora a perda de Amy Winehouse ou se assusta com os atentados em Oslo, ninguém dá a menor atenção aos milhares que morrem na Somália de fome e “miséria”. Tudo errado…

Gente morrendo de fome em pleno século XXI: inaceitável.

Spiegel Online – 07/27/2011 06:10 PM

Famine in East Africa – Logistical Nightmare Hinders Aid Efforts in Somalia

Millions are starving and parents are watching their children die. Meanwhile militant groups are terrorizing the region. The situation in the Horn of Africa is becoming increasingly desperate. Aid organizations are facing enormous difficulties in their attempts to help hundreds of thousands of those suffering, but it’s a race against time they seem to be losing. Continuar lendo