Os desafios de Putin

Mais uma excelente análise de Fyodor Lukyanov. Certamente, a Rússia do próximo mandato de Putin é diferente desta de hoje e daquele do seu primeiro período na Presidência. Uma coisa é certa: Putin permanecerá o grande protagonista nesta Rússia dos próximos anos, gostem dele ou não. Eu, vocês já sabem, gosto de Putin…

RIA Novosti

Why I Sympathize With Vladimir Putin

19:02 08/03/2012 

On Sunday night, Vladimir Putin, with tears in his eyes, addressed his supporters after the preliminary election results were announced. His display of emotion is understandable – Russia’s top politician had to fight for this victory much harder than in past elections. The change in the political atmosphere in the country, clearly expressed by the large-scale protests in Moscow this winter, compelled the prime minister to run a U.S.-style campaign. He visited most of the regions, held dozens of meetings with different social groups, published seven articles on all aspects of policy, created a lot of publicity for his campaign and reaffirmed his ability to mobilize his supporters. Continuar lendo