Um nazista entre os justos???

Matéria interessante sobre o irmão de Hermann Goering (o segundo homem do III Reich), que teria atuado pela salvação de judeus do holocausto. E então, será que poderia Albert Goering receber o título de “justo entre as Nações” (חסידי אומות העולם)?

Albert Goering

Ser Spiegelonline – 03/07/2013 04:27 PM

Göring’s List –Should Israel Honor a Leading Nazi’s Brother?

By Gerhard Spörl

Leading Nazi Hermann Göring was instrumental to Hitler’s reign of terror, but research suggests his brother Albert saved the lives of dozens of Jews. Israel must now decide whether he deserves to be honored as one of the “Righteous Among the Nations.”

Hermann Göring’s younger brother Albert, of all people, rescued Jews from the Nazis, and yet his story is forgotten. But why?

Irena Steinfeldt looks nervously at the clock to reassure herself that she isn’t too late for her appointment at the Café Paradiso in downtown Jerusalem. She sits down, shakes her hair and gazes intently through her glasses.

It is important to her to set something straight right away. It really doesn’t matter to her, she says, what someone’s name was or what rank he had at the time, if he had rescued only one or several Jews and had proven himself to be a good person at a bad time. The true heroes, who remain good throughout their lives, are extremely rare, she says, and they certainly didn’t exist at the time of the Holocaust. Continuar lendo