Melhores Mestrados em Relações Internacionais

Outra enviada pelo meu amigo Alexandre A. Rocha. Informações interessantes para quem esteja pensando em fazer um curso no exterior. Gostei da referência aos professores.

The top 10 programs for those looking to run the world.

JAN/FEB 2012

 These rankings are part of the Teaching, Research, and International Policy (TRIP) survey, conducted by Paul C. Avey, Michael C. Desch, James D. Long, Daniel Maliniak, Susan Peterson, and Michael J. Tierney. All additional information provided was added by Foreign Policy and is not part of the survey results.

1. Georgetown University

Program size: 500-600 
Program cost: 
Star professors:
 Madeleine Albright, Daniel Byman, Victor Cha, Charles Hagel, Paul Pillar

Georgetown offers a variety of master’s programs within the IR field, including an M.S. in foreign service and a program in security studies. The extremely selective School of Foreign Service offers a two-year program in which course work is supplemented by mentorship from IR professionals; notables in the past have included former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright and former USAID Director Andrew Natsios (a Georgetown alum). Continuar lendo