A Zona do Schengen

Para quem não conhece, seguem algumas informações sobre o Acordo de Schengen, que permite a livre circulação de pessoas entre a grande maioria dos países da União Européia (e também Noruega, Islândia e Suíça)…

The Schengen Agreement

In 1985, the Schengen Agreement paved the way for taking down barriers at border controls between Germany, France and the three Benelux countries — Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg. At the same time, it obligated these countries to better protect their external borders. Continuar lendo

Europa: fechando as fronteiras… internas!

A notícia preocupa… Afinal, trata-se de um retrocesso violento no processo de integração europeu. Restabelecer o controle de fronteiras entre os países na Zona do Schengen? Sinceramente, nunca imaginei que fosse ver isso! Será que são os primeiros sinais do fracasso da integração européia?

Der Spiegel Online – 04/20/2012 05:39 PM

Franco-German Schengen Proposal: A Vote of No Confidence in Europe

A Commentary by Carsten Volkery

Germany and France’s joint proposal to allow Schengen-zone countries to temporarily reintroduce border controls as a means of last resort might sound harmless. But doing so would damage one of the strongest symbols of European unity and perhaps even contribute to the EU’s demise.

Germany and France are serious this time. During next week’s meeting of European Union interior ministers, the two countries plan to start a discussion about reintroducing national border controls within the Schengen zone. According to the German daily Süddeutsche Zeitung, German Interior Minister Hans-Peter Friedrich and his French counterpart, Claude Guéant, have formulated a letter to their colleagues in which they call for governments to once again be allowed to control their borders as “an ultima ratio” — that is, measure of last resort — “and for a limited period of time.” They reportedly go on to recommend 30-days for the period. Continuar lendo