O Futuro da Europa I: desafios da Fênix

A Spiegel está publicando uma série de matérias sobre o futuro da Europa. São análises interessantes. Recomendo…

Eu, particularmente, continuo acreditando que a Europa superará mais esse obstáculo. Ou isso, ou sucumbem no caos… e os europeus têm uma incrível capacidade de lidar com adversidades (já provaram isso no século XX).

11/18/2011 12:21 PM

Phoenix Europe: How the EU Can Emerge from the Ashes

The old European Union didn’t work, that much has been made clear by the ongoing debt crisis. But many in Europe think there is now a clear path to a new, more integrated — and smaller — bloc. What must happen first? Greater democracy and less nation-state sovereignty.By SPIEGEL Staff

The jogger is undeterred by the wet, foggy weather in November. Once again, Joschka Fischer, the former German foreign minister and eminence grise of the Green Party, has taken to running regularly through the quiet neighborhoods of Berlin’s Grunewald district. It is the kind of exercise, he says, which gives him time to think. Continuar lendo