Israel e o Irã

As notícias de primeira página nos principais jornais israelenses têm tratado da questão iraniana e das ameaças à paz na região feitas por Teerã. A notícia que segue é sobre a audiência de Ehud Barak, Ministro da Defesa de Israel, no Parlamento daquele país. Só para lembrar: Barak é o militar mais condecorado de Israel e dizem que seu QI é de 180… (para a biografia do homem, clique aqui). Eu prestaria atenção no que ele diz, sobretudo quando fala que seu país tem que estar preparado para tudo…


Barak: Iran worried about unrest in Arab world

Defense Minister Ehud Barak tells Knesset committee that Iran fears internal turmoil inspired by Arab Spring uprisings; says Israel must be ready for all developments.

The Arab Spring is having an effect on the Iranian regime, Defense Minister Ehud Barak said on Monday while briefing members of the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee members on changes taking place in the Middle East.

Barak noted that Iran is troubled by the recent developments in Syria, and especially by the possibility of losing its alliance with the Assad regime.

Barak also stated that Iran is worried that the recent unrest in the Arab world may lead to similar turmoil among the Iranian population, and that Israel’s security forces must be ready for any sort of development.

“Even those who are not security experts understand that resources and attentiveness are necessary in order to respond to regional challenges,” Barak said.

During the meeting, Barak emphasized that the Iranian nuclear program is “progressing despite the setbacks, sanctions and the external pressures,” but that the likelihood of the world adopting “paralyzing sanctions” against the regime is fairly low.

Furthermore, Barak noted that in light of Egypt’s Islamic parties making major strides in the first round of elections, the Egyptian Parliament will “implement an anti-Israel agenda,” although there is no credible threat of Egypt canceling its peace treaty with Israel.

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