Putin: um recado para o Ocidente / Putin: a message to the West

Pois é! A notícia abaixo, divulgada no dia da posse de Putin, serve de alerta para o mundo em geral, e para o Ocidente em particular: de que o novo (não tão novo) Presidente da Rússia fará todo o possível para tornar seu país cada vez mais forte e tentar recuperar o prestígio dos tempos soviéticos. Afinal, Putin é um remanescente do período em que a União Soviética disputava com os Estados Unidos a hegemonia global. E ele fará de tudo para recuperar a condição de grande potência para seu país.

Já disse que gosto de Putin? Putin é KGB. Salve, Putin!


By the following news, on his inauguration day, Mr. Putin sends a message to the world, and to the West in particular: he will continue to keepRussiastronger and trying to recover theSoviet Unionlost prestige. The new (not so new) Russian President comes from the time when his country was the second world power in terms of global influence. And he will make everything to bringRussiaback to that condition. Is the Cold War back? Obviously not! However, with Putin, the Kremlin says clearly thatRussiais still a great power and an important player on the international game.

I really admire Mr. Putin. He’s an example of leadership to millions. Actually, I like Putin. Putin is KGB. Hail, Putin!

Putin Pushes For Guarantees on U.S. Missile shield

RIA NOVOSTI – 19:37 07/05/2012

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Thursday urged the Foreign Ministry to stick to the provisions of the new Russia-U.S. Start treaty and push for guaranties that the U.S. missile shield in Europe will not be aimed against national nuclear facilities.

“Proceed from the fact that any negotiations on strategic nuclear weapons cuts are possible only with a view to all of the factors that have influence on the global strategic stability,” Putin said in a decree.

“Consistently maintain Russia’s position towards the creation of global U.S. missile defense system, push for guaranties that it will not be aimed against Russia’s nuclear facilities,” the decree said.

Putin instructed the government to take measures to boost trade and economic cooperation with the United States and support business ties.

The cabinet of ministries was instructed to set forward proposals aimed at further liberalization of the visa regime between the two countries.