Mais sobre o reaparelhamento das FAs russas

Ok, estou monotemático hoje… mas, como tratei de defesa antiaérea russa, segue notícia sobre defesa aérea daquele país… Enquanto isso, em Pindorama, alguém tem notícia do Projeto FX?

RIA Novosti

Russian Air Force to Receive New Attack Aircraft by 2020

00:52 21/02/2012

The deliveries of new close air support aircraft to the Russian Air Force will start by 2020, Air Force spokesman Col. Vladimir Drik said.

“The Air Force units will start receiving this aircraft by 2020,” Drik said on Monday. “It will gradually replace highly-reliable Su-25SM Frogfoot attack planes.”

According to Drik, the new aircraft will meet the demands of modern warfare and feature elements of “stealth” technology, the whole range of tactical weaponry, modern radar and navigation equipment.

Meanwhile, Russia will continue to upgrade its outdated Su-25 attack aircraft to Su-25SM version, which has a significantly better survivability and combat effectiveness.

The Russian Air Force currently has over 30 Su-25SM planes in service and plans to modernize about 80 Su-25s by 2020, Drik said.