Os russos estão chegando!!!

Gosto das matérias da Voz da Rússia… É um sensacionalismo bem patrocinado! Esta que segue está ótima, tratando do temor de alguns norte-americanos da invasão sovie..digo, russa. O interessante é esse clima blasé de retorno à Guerra Fria… Enquanto isso, Putin continua jogando (em bem) com a alta política… Gosto de Putin. Putin é KGB.

US citizens trust rumour about Russian invasion more than gov’t

владивосток день ВМФ россия праздник


© Photo: Olga Ilchenko/«The Voice of Russia»

Rumours about some 50,000 Russian troops that had allegedly sneaked in the US spread fast across the Web creating panic.

“The Russians are coming! The Russians are coming!” wrote columnist Frank Mazzaglia on Wickedlocal.com. 

Last week the Russian Emergency Situations Ministry and the US Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), which is part of the Department of Homeland Security, announced that they had agreed to exchange experts during joint rescue operations in major disasters. The rumor originated from this simple announcement.

Perhaps the fast flying rumor originated from the website Infowars, which reported that the Russians had confirmed that 15,000 of its troops would soon be training with American soldiers in preparation for disasters. Rumors grow fast. The website Inquistr, also citing an unnamed source, went on to report that there were already 100,000 foreign troops in the US.

The rumor reached well beyond the online circle. Even older folks who ought to know better believed it. Russian troops stationed in America is almost unimaginable in itself, but the rumor kept spreading.

Journalist suggested may be that’s to be expected at a time when the government distrusts its own citizens enough to spy on their private phone records. Given that reality, it becomes easier to explain why so many citizens don’t trust their own government, wrote Mazzaglia.

As the Russians rumor continued to spread and grow, the Department of Defense found it necessary to respond officially. Yes, there were 20 Russian airborne troops here involved in anti-terrorism training stationed at Fort Carson, Colorado. Twenty Russian soldiers, however, does not create a panic. Twenty soldiers is a far cry from 50,000.

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