E o rato continua rugindo!

1023610-800x450Claro que meus 9 (nove) leitores devem ter sentido falta de notícias do paraíso comunista na Terra, o país das maravilhas, a nação do sujeito que inventou o iPad (ele disse, não tenho razões para duvidar… e o Jobs só lhe roubou a ideia): meu malvado  favorito, Bob Filho!

Pois bem! Encontrei essa notícia de um vídeo feito na Coreia do Norte simulando um ataque nuclear daquela potência contra os EUA! Isso mesmo! As ameaças de Pyongyang envolvem a destruição de cidades como Nova York e Washington, por mísseis lançados do Pacífico! Corram para as montanhas!

Ainda não consegui o vídeo, mas assim que o obtiver posto aqui. Enquanto isso, tenho absoluta certeza de que ninguém está conseguindo dormir na Casa Branca… Agora vai!

N.Korean video simulates nuclear strikes on U.S. mainland

‘The Pacific Ocean will be the tomb for American soldiers,’ North Korean media threatens

In the video, one projectile launched from North Korea landed in the Pacific – presumably the Hwasong-10 intermediate-range ballistic missile (IRBM) – near where the Hawaiian Islands are located, and twosubmarine-launched ballistic missiles launched from the Pacific land in the state of California.


The scene continued with the North Korean nuclear missiles turning the whole U.S. mainland, includingNew York, the White House and the Capitol Hill in Washington to rubble.

More North Korean threats were followed on Tongilvoice, another North Korean outlet, in which North Korean officials claimed that the recent launch of the Hwasong-10  helped Pyongyang in gaining the upper hand against Washington in the field of nuclear warfare.

“Ladies and gentlemen of the White House, I will just say one thing,” Kim Sung Ryong, a North Korean officer said. “Don’t think too big of yourselves. The whole of the Pacific can be your grave.”

A North Korean scientist adding that “the U.S. is afraid of us, while the world will envy us.”

However, a South Korean expert called this video nothing but “science fiction” which will never come true for Pyongyang unless it uses all of its national resources on missile development for the next three to four years.

“After the sixth try, they barely succeeded in launching the Hwasong-10, the missile which is presumed to have the range of 3,000 to 4,000 kilometers,” Cha Du-hyeogn, the former secretary to President Lee Myung-bak for crisis information told NK News.

“The distance from North Korea to Hawaii is more than 7,000 kilometers, so the Hwasong-10 simply won’t reach Hawaii. For an SLBM, the North will need a submarine as good as a nuclear-powered class, which they don’t have, to sail for more than a week undetected and launch SLBM attacks on California, as seen in the video.”

While the North’s effort to threaten the U.S. was clearly portrayed, a minor flaw was spotted on DPRK Today’s video. Instead of showing the Hwasong-10’s launch, the video contains reused old footage showing the launch of short-range ballistic missiles (SRBM), which flew only around 500 kilometers.

More of the North’s belligerent messages have been portrayed on their state-run media recently, with an article claiming that that “the whole of the Pacific Ocean will be a tomb for American soldiers.”

Pyongyang last week, after launching the Hwasong-10, announced that they now have a “certain capability” to attack American forces in the Pacific.

“The U.S, the country that used to threaten the whole world with their nuclear arms, is now facing its catastrophic downfall with nuclear weapons,” said a DPRK Today video released last week.

“If the U.S. does not wake up and face reality, the U.S. will fall, without even having time to regret.”

Featured image: DPRK Today

Fonte: https://www.nknews.org/2016/06/n-korean-video-simulates-nuclear-strikes-on-u-s-mainland/