RIsco de ataque terrorista em Bancoque

A inteligência israelense informa a seus nacionais de risco iminente de atentado terrorista em Bancoque, Tailândia. Acho conveniente divulgar aqui também… Just in case…

Haaretz – Published 16:18 13.01.12
By Barak Ravid 

Israelis warned of imminent terror attack in Bangkok

Counter terrorism bureau calls on Israeli tourists to stay clear of Thailand’s capital after Hezbollah militant is arrested in suspicion of planning a terror attack.

Israel’s counter terrorism bureau warned Israeli citizens on Friday to stay away from Thailand’s capital Bangkok, following the arrest of a Hezbollah militant suspected of planning a terrorist attack in the city.

Deputy Prime Minister Chalerm Yumbumrung said earlier on Friday that “a Lebanese suspect from the Hezbollah group has been taken into custody by Thai officials and police are investigating further.” He added that “following concern raised by the Israeli embassy about a possible attack by a group of Lebanese terrorists in Bangkok, Thai police officials had been coordinating with Israeli officials since before the New Year.”

Israel’s counter terrorism bureau also called on Israeli citizens already in Bangkok to avoid areas associated with Israeli tourists, to remain alert and to cooperate with local security officials.

Earlier on Friday, the U.S. embassy warned of a possible attack by “foreign terrorists” and told its citizens to be careful in areas of the capital frequented by tourists.

“We’re warning all U.S. citizens to take caution when visiting public areas where Western tourists are known to gather in Bangkok,” Walter Braunohler, spokesman at the embassy, declined to give further details.

Bangkok, a magnet for tourists with its vibrant nightlife and a transit point for those heading for Thailand’s beaches, has faced political turmoil in recent years but threats of foreign attacks are rare.

Hezbollah, a Shi’ite Islamist group in Lebanon backed by Syria and Iran, is on the official U.S. blacklist of foreign terrorist organizations. 

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