Na onda de Dilma, Bachelet, Merkel, Cristina, segue matéria sobre a participação política da mulher na grande nação eslava.

Bom, os russos já tiveram Catarina, a Grande. Agora, desbancar a dupla Putin-Medvedev, acho que nem em 2018! Ou, do jeito que Putin é brilhante na arte de governar, não me surpreenderia se ele continuasse como Primeiro-Ministro, colocando Anna Chapman na Presidência, ehehehe!!!

Postei a notícia também para mostrar como é amplo o leque de belas candidatas na Mãe Rússia! Ôtchin Haraxó!

Em quem você votaria?

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Is Russia ready for a female president?

by Tom Washington at 03/06/2011 13:23

Russian women may have led their sisters into space and paid with their lives for openness and human rights in the Caucasus, but the number of women with genuine political clout is still small.

Otlichnitsy, loosely translated as excellent women, aims to change all that. The newly launched group is eyeing up the Kremlin for 2018 and wants to see Russia’s women do more than merely put their ballots in the box.

Next year’s presidential poll is likely to come too early for the group to launch a serious challenge to the Medvedev-Putin tandem – but they hope that 2018 could see the country’s first female president.

Shedding the shackles of the past

The female president of 2018 “will be a woman of another generation, not burdened by the Soviet housewife mentality, a free person and open to new influences,” Lyudmila Narusova, member of the Federation Council, told Russkaya Sluzhba Novostei, reported.

But the gender landscape is bleak for now, she says, “the mentality of today’s voters makes this impossible [today],” she says.

 Not feminists

Russia is not famous for gender equality and while women’s rights are enshrined in law they are still hampered by domestic expectations and the shortage of women in genuinely powerful positions reflects this.

Sociologist and United Russia member Olga Kryshtanovskaya has been at the forefront of the Otlichnitsy’s launch and speaks of the need for an anti-discrimination watchdog, but both she and Narusova shy away from linking the women’s group with feminism. “We think of feminists as practically lesbians, who hate men, and we don’t hate men,” Kryshtanovskaya told, reported.

Perhaps disappointingly for those campaigning for a level playing field with men in all spheres of life, Otlichnitsy will have a slightly restricted sphere of interest.

The group aims to train the attention of the government and the public on children, culture, immorality on TV, the rights of mothers and other issues that Kryshtanovskaya says concern women, reported.

 MN’s female Kremlin

The Moscow News took a look at some of the female role models out there and came up with a list of potential runners and riders for the 2018 presidential list

 Elvira Nabiullina

Forget childcare and the so-called ‘women’s domain,’ this government heavy hitter has bucked the prevailing trend and served as Minister of Economic Development and Trade since 2007, a traditionally macho sphere of government.

 Elena Isinbayeva

Sports stars have habit of slipping into politics in Russia and maybe champion pole vaulter Isinbayeva and multiple gold medalist could be the woman to win victory in 2018.

She’s got brains as well as brawn, with a master’s degree and an army commission, besides experience of the international talking shop. And she’s already made one successful 2018 pitch, playing a starring role in Russia’s winning World Cup bid last December.

 Yevgeniya Chirikova

Yevgenia Chirikova

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Yevgenia Chirikova

Chirikova, an influential opposition activist and leader of the Defenders of Khimki Forest campaign, would be a strong contender with proven political skills and experience and a growing following, as well as tenacity and charisma.

Chirikova for president” has already appeared on billboards, after she announced that Khimki defenders were going to nominate their own candidate for the 2012 presidential election.

 Anna Chapman

While her career as an intelligence officer was far from glittering Chapman has discovered a knack for recovery and has already dabbled in politics, becoming the face of United Russia’s Molodaya Gvardia.

As editor-in-chief of Venture Business News, TV personality and scantily clad model she at least proves versatility and is one of the most iconic Russian women of the moment. Although her travel ban might put a dampener on the Russia-US reset.

 Ksenya Sobchak

As daughter of St Petersburg’s first democratically elected governor Anatoly Sobchak and Narusova she has the connections that often prove effective grease to Russia’s political wheels. She also made it to no. 10 in VTsIOM’s female role model hall of fame, with a host of other pop singers and TV celebrities.

Better known as it-girl, presenter on Dom 2, Russia’s Big Brother, and a professional crooner, she would be a more left-field choice.