Ataque cibernético ao Serviço Exterior britânico

Aconteceu com os britânicos. Poderia acontecer com qualquer um. De fato, é constante e cada vez mais intenso o ataque cibernético a organizações públicas e privadas, sejam da área de segurança ou não.

Insiro a notícia como exemplo do que pode acontecer inclusive com organizações bem preparadas para fazer frente a essa nova ameaça.

British FCO hit by ‘cyber attack’

British Foreign Office has been targeted with a cyber missile by a “hostile state intelligence agency” Foreign Secretary William Hague told a security conference.

Hague did not refer to the country where the cyber attack has been launched from but British media said the hackers may be based in China.
Hague said three emails, which “looked quite innocent” had been sent to the Foreign Office personnel with the sender claiming to be a colleague.
“It was from a hostile state intelligence agency and contained computer code embedded in the attached document that would have attacked their machine,” Hague told the security conference in Munich.
He said the Foreign Office security software neutralized the emails before getting to the officials, adding the ministry is now facing such threats “every day”.
Hague also revealed that the Foreign Office blocked another cyber attack last year in the form of a file, which was sent to one of the ministry’s staff.
“A malicious file posing as a report on a nuclear Trident missile was sent to a defence contractor by someone masquerading as an employee of another defence contractor,” Hague said.
He added the purpose of the attack was “undoubtedly to steal information relating to our most sensitive defence projects”.
Hague also warned about the “more common” threat of “sophisticated” attacks saying the situation could be “out of control” in a decade.

Fonte:, 06/02/2011